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Different kneaders and it has a wide range of applications

.. class1 > release date: 2018-7-29
Any machine can have the value of its production, for different, kneading machine for the production of products, also will be different, the value of the market, and began to widely used in our country, it is through the process will be plastic film glued together to form a composite film of a machine, so its function but also on the composite material, can you imagine can through composite material, and makes composite material have qualitative feeling more, so it is mainly used for what material? Mainly used for cellophane aluminum foil, paper and other substrate coating compound, see these English spelling words are a little dizzy? In fact is easy to understand, is a kind of milky white or light yellow, highly crystalline polymer is a kind of fine organic chemical products, two-way stretch polypropylene film, is also a kind of thin film, and a series of base material, can be coated by composite, very magical, and it has wide application value, kneading machine makes a lot of people feel amazing. So what are the main functions? As a soft packaging post-printing processing equipment, it has a good production line, processing quality is not to mention, for the choice of an advanced and high level of its own function to play to the extreme. For the soft packaging printing and processing industry has a great promotion, and through its own design function, kneader it can effectively improve the quality of processing, making it an indispensable part of the packaging industry processing and production. Its up to you to figure out exactly how to exploit its functionality. According to the pull force of the facility fragmentary choose and reject adhesive medicine package should choose how kneading machine if serve as medicine package, be in so when choose and reject must think about the medicaments health care function that should, whether have peculiar smell.
If the task progress of establishment is very tall, knead machine according to the task progress of establishment to choose and accept or reject when choosing like that, should choose or reject viscosity is inferior, if stick over tall, adhesive can be in glue-groove generation a few wash bubble, major reaction arrives the besmface form of adhesive, reflect the quality that can attend a meeting then. If the pull force of the establishment grasps fragmentary degree poorer, to pull force grasps precision to do not have tall, tracking response is poorer, when choosing adhesive in that way, should take the lead in the beginning adhesion force is good, knead the formation that the machine can reduce tunnel so, progress reject rate. On the contrary, tension grasp fragmentary very good, so that the adhesives of the initial adhesion of some poor also did not contact, there will be no tunnel, there is no response to the rejection rate. When choosing adhesives, viscosity can be the first three. Kneading machine to do not adhere to some of the elements of health care, such as odor and other will be soaked into the drug, so the formation of the loss and reaction is helpless to estimate. Facilities how to accurately choose kneader a lot of chemical packaging enterprises will find that a kind of scene, a different kind of is not the same as the manufacturers using the results are not the same.


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