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The principle and classification of the hoist

The hoist is a device that is driven by human or mechanical power to drive the reel and winding rope to complete the traction work.
It is divided into coaxial Winch: (also called micro winch) motor and wire rope in the same drive shaft, light and compact, save space;
Fast Winch: a hoist with a rated speed of about 30m/min on a wire rope on a reel;
Slow Winch: a hoist with a rated speed of about 7~12m/min on a wire rope on a reel;
Hand hoist: a hoist that uses a human power as a power to turn the drum by a driving device.
Speed hoist: speed control can adjust the hoist;
Electric hoist: a hoist that is powered by a motor to turn the drum by a driving device.
The motor drives the steel wire ropes through the reducer, and replaces the wire rope and changes the direction through different pulleys. The technical requirements are mainly the speed of the roller, that is, the speed of the wire rope and the safety and reliability of the brake system. The hoist is a simple lifting or traction machine.
A winch (also called a winch / electric hoist) is a small, light weight lifting device that uses a drum to hoist a wire rope or a chain to lift or pull the weight. The winch can elevate, level, or tilt the heavy object vertically. The winch is divided into two types: manual hoister and electric hoist. Now the electric hoist is the main.
Electric hoist is composed of electric motor, transmission mechanism and roller or chain wheel, two kinds of electric hoist and ring chain electric hoist.
The hoist can be used alone, can also be composed of parts for lifting, hoisting and road construction machinery, because it is simple and convenient, large amount of rope winding displacement and widely used. Mainly used in construction, water conservancy projects, forestry, mine, wharf and other material lifting or leveling.
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