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Oil free vacuum pump

It has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and no pollution to the environment. The oil free vacuum pump has good durability. It is a vacuum pump, compression and dual purpose vacuum pump. It is a basic equipment for obtaining a vacuum in a wide range of applications.
Compared with the oil pump, the vacuum less oil pump has the advantages of low vacuum degree, small volume of gas extraction, small volume, easy installation, simple maintenance, convenient movement, no lampblack production and no pollution to the environment, especially in the required laboratories. It is also one of the most common equipment in the laboratory.
Therefore, when selecting the oil free vacuum pump, the vacuum degree of the required work should be determined first. If the demand is high, the vacuum pump selected will be higher than the vacuum degree of the demand, otherwise the vacuum requirement will not meet the requirements of the vacuum pumping. The second is the pumping rate of the oil free vacuum pump, and the selection of the pump should be slightly larger than the required pumping rate, so that it will be better to meet the needs. Finally, the gas is not corrosiveness, the corrosive gas will corrode the pump and must use special material to meet the demand.
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