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What values can affect the mixing performance of a vacuum kneading machine?

What values can affect the mixing performance of a vacuum kneading machine? The smaller the ratio of the rotor to the angular velocity of the OARS, the better the mixture of the vacuum kneading machine; When the hollow blade spiral Angle of 42 ° ~ 48 ° within the scope of the value, the vacuum kneading machine has the best mixing performance; The smaller the mixture clearance, the more obvious the drag and drag of the mixture of the paddle and the mixture of the mixture, and the stronger the mixing of the device; When all kinds of clearance are equal, the vertical kneading machine has better mixing performance.

Then, the change in process parameters, such as, speed, solid components in conditions of vacuum kneading machine mixing process of numerical simulation and analysis, research of the relationship they mixed with the equipment performance, by mixing uniformity processing experiment, the technological parameters and the mixed material mixing uniformity, and some simulation results are verified, thus put forward the related problems in the process of designing and manufacturing solution.

The results show that the mixing efficiency of the vacuum kneading machine can be improved by adjusting the rotor blade, which can improve the mixing efficiency of the mixed material. The higher the rotational speed, the stronger the mixing capacity of the vacuum kneading machine, the higher the mixing efficiency, the better the mixing uniformity of the product, but the higher the requirement of equipment working ability; Increasing the content of solid components can improve the mixing performance of vacuum kneading machine.

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