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ShengTeng Kneading Machinery Manufacturing co., Ltd. is engaged in chemical machinery equipment professional manufacturers. We are an elite in the industry, with customers all over the world,relying on the strong technical force, high-quality management team and professional technical personnel, with good team spirit and excellent after-sales service in the comprehensive field of extensive business.Our company has accumulated decades kneading machine manufacturing experience, with full use of the kneading mechanism at home and abroad to build long, product constantly pioneering and innovative, and upgrading, leading technology and manufacturing technology, developed out of the current domestic most advanced, the highest technical content useful vacuum kneading machine series products, fill in the production of silicone industry in China to import foreign kneading machine in the history of the blank. The use of the mill in the silicon rubber industry has been replaced by the market, which has been well received by users at home and abroad. Mixing rubber, silicone rubber, special vacuum kneading machine, special silicone vacuum kneading machine, organic silica gel special-purpose vacuum kneading machine, silica gel mixing dedicated vacuum kneading machine, special kneading machine, mixed silicone rubber mold rubber special kneading machine, silicone kneading machine), product specifications from 1 to 6000 litres, is widely used in printing ink, pigment, plastic, rubber, silicone rubber, cosmetics, food additives, fragrance extraction material, drug concentration, lozenge raw materials, chemical base material, urea formaldehyde resin, adhesives, synthetic thermosetting paint, pencil core, gypsum, clay, glass material, coating material, activated carbon, toothpaste manufacture, polymer guar gum, cellulose, BMC, DMC, carbon, starch, chewing gum, bubble gum, chocolate, biscuit firing ceramics, pigment, dyestuff, pulp, magnetic recording materials, binder, building waterproof coating, and various coloring materials.
According to different usage purpose, the kneading machine can be made into three kinds of vacuum, pressure and atmospheric pressure. The temperature adjustment form adopts the method of jacket, steam, heat conduction oil, infrared heating and water cooling. The discharging mode has hydraulic pressure, cylinder dump, ball valve discharging, screw extrusion, etc. All kinds of safety, measurement and control records can be installed on the equipment.
The company produces "shengteng" brand 1-6000 liter series kneading machine products, which have standard, non-standard, vacuum, vacuum and heavy duty, vacuum pressure type. The specifications are ready for your purchase, and you can develop and develop new products according to your different requirements. The product quality is reliable, sells well all over the country, and receives the unanimous praise from the general merchants.
Our principle is technology and innovation - to build the shengteng brand, to meet your requirements with the best price and the best quality. Welcome to visit the company or call and consult with us.
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